world’s most expensive gadgets


Headphone: world’s most expensive gadgets

Expensive Headphones

Headphone is a hardware device which outputs audio same as like speakers. They come in all shapes and sizes. They are a pair of small electronic listening device.

The very first earphones were the heavy, high-performance type of the Hi-Fi stereo age. Next came the light-weight, sponge-covered earphones of the headphones.

Both kinds of earphones still exist today, although the most expensive gaming headset are now, fortunately, much lighter, and they have been signed up with by earbuds as well as a brand-new generation of cordless earphones. You will, however, compromise sound quality for mobility. However, your disposition discovers convenience and efficiency in a large range of Listed Documents.This Headphones are also known as the headset or earphones generally originated from the earpiece. Some headset are as follows below:

Focal utopia

  1. Focal utopia It is a creation by Tournaire and is the most expensive headphone in the world priced as $1,20,000. The headphones are jewelled with 18-carat gold with 6-carat diamonds. In recent times this product is being modeled on a new design and the main aim of the company was to go on and design a full range loud speaker which will perform with the lowest dissertation. Because of this precise reason, instead of titanium, beryllium was chosen.
  2. Onkyo H900M– Alike focal utopia, onkyo H900M also is a luxurious headphone. The ear-cups of the headphone is designed with 20-carat diamonds. Diamonds and rubies are embedded onto aluminium plates surrounded by a ring which is made up of highly polished stainless steel.
  3. V –Moda crossfade M-100 It is the most decorated shields in the headphone world prices as $40,000.The shield is 3D printed and also studded with silver sterling, solid gold or platinum and bronze many times. These are comparatively less expensive than the other two discussed.
  4. Sennheiser Orpheus– This is made up of Carrara marble which looks amazing. It is also sculptured with aluminium, leather and fine microfiber cloth. Without second thoughts to the fact they are one of the best forms of headphones which have been created . In some ways it might be one of the coolest form of technologies which might have graced the world till now.
  5. oBravo EAMT-1s This headphone have hybrid dynamic AMT driver which is a coaxial design combines two types of driver into a single unit. The ranges it can perform are 15Hz in low and 45 Hz in high. The body of headphone is hand-crafted with precision-ceramic that looks great.
  6. Final Audio Design Sonorous X– This headphone is a premium one and is a combination of machined aluminium and stainless steel which give it a business look.
  7. Audeze LCD-4Audeze LCD-4 It is so designed that makes it more lighter than the other as it is made up of thin nano-grade diaphragm. It goes on to represent 40 years of advancement in planar magnetic technology and the research ever since the year 2009 has ascertained this fact. Its price is one of the most competitive ones in the market and you are bound to get a true value of sorts.
  8. Stax SR-009 This headphone aims upon performance to justify the high price.
  9. HiFiMan HE1000 V2 This headphone is designed with advanced asymmetrical magnetic circuit, polyester earcups, a three core cable.
  10. Shure KSE1500 This is the finest headphone as it incorporates electrostatic drivers mechanism which provides accurate sound.
  11. Grado PS1000e– This is designed with tone-wood clad with metal alloy which reduce ringing and distortion.
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