Logitech Wireless Headphones Review


Logitech Wireless Headphones

We’ve been hooked to wire for more than 100 years.  Although electricity can finally be transmitted from the power source to the appliance without wires, sound travels through the airwaves naturally.  Headphones were invented to contain the appointed sound and isolate extraneous noise.  The best headphones still use the equivalent of an umbilical cord to carry sound from the source.  However, technology on both the producing and receiving end has increased the demand for wireless headphones.

Logitech Wireless Headphones

Wireless headphones have finally come into their own.  Using more sophisticated technology to supply the sound clearly and static free, the newest headphones produce a sound almost indistinguishable from a wired set.

With advanced electronics, the latest headsets vary in style and size as much as any designer created women’s shoes.  Personal taste comes into play when the time comes to upgrade your old headphones for wireless headphones.  From the smallest earplug headphones to the larger studio sets, wireless headphones now use similar methods to capture the sound emanating from the CD or DVD or even the radio, where the distortion can be not on par with other media.

When you are searching for different types of wireless headphones, be sure to check out the smaller ones first.  There is more than an ample supply of information for you to become informed.  Unless, of course, that you are already an expert audiologist and understand the finer points of sound and how it enters the ears.

The variety of wireless headphones ranges from small in-ear headphones to noise reduction headphones or noise cancel headphones.  Which one to choose depends on some factors including comfort, price, flexibility, ease of use, durability and course quality of sound.

Logitech G933

What To Look For

There are a few things that you need to look for when buying headphones. Everyone looks at this differently, but I’ve listened to so many different types of music through what seems like an infinite number of headphones, both wired and otherwise, that I’ve learned one simple thing.


And that is most important aspect – comfort.  If the headphones are annoying because they are too tight, or too dark, or too cumbersome, then don’t waste your time looking at them.  Simply put, “if the shoe fits, wear it.”  The saying goes for headphones too, but with a slight twist.  If they don’t fit, don’t wear it – and chances are you won’t.  So try to find something that fits your head rather than trying to adjust to the headphones.


Sound Quality

This depends upon use.  But if you’re using wireless headphones only for occasionally listening to music then you may want to opt for a wired set – they to transfer the sound to the ear almost directly.  However, if you work in an environment that requires constant talking on the phone, then getting a high-quality sound is worth the extra money.  After all, you don’t want to misinterpret a client’s order – right.


I know it shouldn’t be, but a price must be a consideration.  Here is what happens though most people aren’t aware.  Each time a company produces a new version or an upgrade to an older style doesn’t mean that the former is useless.  Some excellent wireless headphones are 4 or 5 years old.  The prices have dropped considerably for inventory clearance headphones.  Using the online stores like Amazon will get you great deals on older models as well as the most current.  So don’t be afraid to spend money on something that has high quality and is comfortable.  Always take the high road, you’ll be better off in the long run.

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