Powered Monitor Speakers Pair

Yorkville YSM1P Powered Monitor Speakers (pair)

Yorkville YSM1P

Building on the success of the Yorkville studio monitor line, the active Yorkville YSM1p uses the same cabinet as and similar components to the popular Yorkville YSM1, including a rugged 6.5" shielded 100-Watt woofer and shielded 1" silk dome tweeter arranged in a symmetrical, vertical configuration with the drivers mounted slightly forward to minimize reflections off the cabinet face. A precisely tuned 2" cylindrical port directly below the woofer increases bass response and allows cabinet size on this powered studio monitor to be kept compact. This studio speaker incorporates a bi-amped power module that delivers 115 watts (85 Watts of power to the woofer, 30-Watts to the tweeter) and generates less than .05 distortion at full power. The YSM1P also features 9/-6dB input trim, defeatable limiter and specialized tweeter overpower limiting and woofer over-excursion limiting. Due to the popularity of the YSM1 pro studio speaker, a concerted effort was made to keep the overall sonic characteristics of the YSM1 when designing the YSM1p and its electronics. Like the YSM-1, the YSM1p is a compact, active, near-field studio monitor designed to accurately reproduce the signal from a recording and mixing chain without contributing sonic coloration. It has clarity and bass response that you would expect to hear from a much larger cabinet. This recording studio monitor is suitable for home and project-studio recording as well as sound reinforcement applications.
Unique to active near field monitors in this price range, the YSM1p speaker features user selectable filtering. A series of dip switches on the back of the monitor allow the engineer to select overall tone shaping for the cabinet. This allows the end user to tune the monitor for location, (i.e. Full Space for use centered in the room ( 2dB boost @ 20Hz to 80Hz) 1/2 space for use against a flat wall (0dB boost or cut), or 1/4 space for use in corners (-2dB @ 20Hz to 80Hz). This ensures more flat frequency response, regardless of location in home studio, writing room or professional studio. This powered studio monitor has an additional user selectable high frequency filter ( 2dB boost @ 10kHz to 20kHz) has been added to allow further tweaking of the monitor to individual tastes. Inputs are XLR and 1/4" TRS balanced. This speaker features a blue power LED and a red input clip LED on the front of the monitor for quick and easy status checking from the engineer's chair. The cabinet is finished in an attractive, charcoal gray vinyl that resists scuffs and is easily cleaned. Why pay through the nose to please your ears? After more than 30 years of designing and building studio speaker cabinets, we know how to get it right...the sound and the price. Ideally suited for small studio/control room and fixed installation applications, Yorkville studio monitors deliver tight, punchy bass with superior clarity and imaging.
Get a pair of these magnificent Yorkville YSM1p powered monitors today!

Price: $480.00
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Manufactured by Yorkville

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