BOSS BR-600 Digital Recorder

The BOSS BR-600 is the most physically streamlined, feature-rich eight-track studio on the market today. 8 simultaneous playback tracks, 64 V-Tracks CompactFlash memory card slot for storing recording media; 128MB card included Bullt-in FX processor, including pitch corrector and COSM amp models Built-in drum-machine with velocity-sensitive pads Built-in stereo mic and battery power to record anywhere USB for data transfer/computer connectivity Portable and ultra slim: 257 x 182 x 23mm Carrying case and XLR-to-1/4” mic cable included 8 Tracks & Beyond The BR-600 provides eight simultaneous playback tracks, but there’s more than meets the eye. Each of the eight tracks also contains eight V-Tracks (virtual tracks), which gives musicians quick access to 64 tracks of recorded material. They can record dozens of takes, and choose their favorites for mixdown. BOSS FX Tracks can be manipulated with the powerful effects built into the BR-600. Derived from BOSS high-end recorders, these quality algorithms can give even the dullest tracks maximum impact — mistakes can be fixed, mixes can be mastered. Included in the effects suite: COSM® guitar and bass amp models plus chorus, delay, reverb, and EQ for every channel. Pitch correction is provided as well. Drum Machine Onboard The BR-600 has a high-quality drum machine built in. Perfect backing tracks can be assembled from the nearly 300 drum/percussion patterns built in, or beats can be programmed from the velocity-sensitive pads. Rock, pop, blues, country, R&B, Latin, and more — kick-start a song from the many styles provided. Field Recording Wherever musicians go, the ultra-portable BR-600 is ready to record. It can operate on six AA batteries (or AC). Quality stereo microphones are built in for point-and-capture recording on the spot. Whether for recording band rehearsals, gigs, or capturing ambient sounds, the BR-600 is all musicians need to get the job done with no hassle. CompactFlash The BR-600 records its CD-quality digital audio direct to the included Compact Flash card, the international standard for reliable, portable storage, and even comes with a custom carrying bag and XLR-to-1/4” mic adapter.

Price: $349.99
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Manufactured by Boss

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