Accommodation in Cebu City: The Cheap Hotels Details


The Cheap Hotels Details

Accommodation in Cebu

Cebu is a major tourist spot in the Philippines. It is a nice escape for the visitors from the hectic life of city life. Visiting somewhere is always the best idea but to be safe and out of danger is the first thing to keep in mind. Any type of scams and problems should be avoided as much as the traveller can. Cheap lodges, rooms, inns, guesthouses, luxury hotels and resorts are available in Cebu accommodation of visitors. Cheap hotels are always the best choice for family and friends as they can stay with great value for money. The below stated list of hotels are cheapest accommodation in Cebu.

Sugbutel hotel

  1. Sugbutel hotel– This hotel is located in the city but not liked by the visitors at all. As the quality of living they provide is very cheap. Beds provided are of as train’s bed quality. But they maintain cleanliness. Other amenities like wifi access, vending machines and LCD tv in common area are available. Rate they offer for per night is Php 250.
  2. Treats guest house– This guest house is located in a prime position of the city which is near supermarket and restaurants. Now coming to the accommodation they are giving, the beds are too small to accommodate. There is no big common area is available. The guest house comprises with only the rooms and the rooftop. Wifi they are providing is really bad. Rate of per night is Php300 approximately.
  3. Le village– The hotel is cheap but fantastic as the accommodation they are providing are great in cheap rate. They charges Php500 only per night. It is located in good location of the city. The rooms are very clean and beds are cosy to sleep.
  4. Pacific tourist INN– The accommodation here is very cheap and simple. They charge 535Php per night. They provide single beds, cable TV, with normal bathroom features. But the location it is situated is very good. Eateries, wholesale stores, malls are all available just outside the hotel.
  5. Quest Cebu– the staff is great, the location is good and the rooms are priced well. The pool comes with a nice bar and a service. The buffet is good and the level of services are good. It is located very near to the mall. If you are planning to visit this place do pay a visit on Saturday as the dinner promises to be incredible. You will be back again for sure.
  6. Henry Hotel Cebu– Once you enter this hotel you can figure out the fact that your stay is going to be special. The rooms are all great in terms of design and each one of them is being designed in a unique manner. For the guests a different experience is provided than the normal self.

Many other accommodations are available in Cebu as Southpole Central Hotel, Travelbee guest house, Villa de Mercedes, Cebu century hotel, Jasmine pension house, GV tower hotel.

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