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How to boost your credit score as quickly as Possible

Closing a credit card account

boost your credit score

Your Credit scores are decision making tools to evaluate your creditworthiness. The three digit statistical number defines how financially trustworthy a person can be. It evaluates the probability of repayment of the debts owed by a person to the lender. Credit score are sometimes also known as risk scores since they account to the assessment of the risk associated with the repayment of the debt. Hence, Your Credit scores matter a lot when it comes to the anticipation by the lenders of how likely you are to repay your debt on time.

Boosting your credit score is important because it determines if you will qualify for a loan or not and it also is a key factor when it comes to the interest rate of the loan you qualify for. A good credit score leads to a good interest rate of the loan you get and saves you hundreds and even thousands of dollars.

A high credit score helps you in leading the life you want whether you are looking for buying a new home or purchasing a brand new car of your dreams.

Credit score is based on the data from a person’s previous credit history and the higher the score is , the more financially reliable a person is considered to be.

How to boost your credit score as quickly as possible and in an efficient way is the goal of this article and we will read about some of the most useful ways of achieving it.

Credit scores

Different lenders have different set of standards for rating the credit scores but on an average a credit score of 700 and higher is considered to be good. Knowing your scores and working on it in a smart way will help you with grabbing the right opportunities for you in terms of which offers to apply and which areas to work on before you apply.

Your payment history that shows your records of whether or not you’ve paid your bills on time is an important factor in achieving your goals of a good credit score. Another factor that accounts to your scores is your utilization ratio which means how much of the total credit you have available is being used by you. Lenders believe that the borrowers who have a high utilization rate tends to miss payment. The length of your history is another factor that is determined by the average age of your accounts and how long it’s been since those accounts were used. Factors like the types of credit you owe (such as a car loan or mortgage) and the frequency of the number of accounts you’ve opened are considered by the lenders to decide your accountability that you can manage different kinds of accounts in a responsible manner.

Therefore, keeping the right strategy in hand and considering these important factors will help you boost your credit score.

We are going to discuss these important factors and more in details in this article to help you achieve the right credit score for you.

Boosting your credit score requires prompt actions and right strategies. Here are some of the most promising ways of shooting up your credit score fast and correctly:


  1. Pay your bills on time. Everyone’s credit history is different and requires different approaches. So the answer to what should be the right approach for you really depends on your individual credit history. Making your payments on time is the most important factor in credit scoring. Your payment history including all the payments that you might have missed or paid late makes a serious impact on your FICO score. While it might sound difficult but it is possible to change your credit score fairly quickly however seeing any improvement could take 30 to 60 days. Paying your bills on time is extremely important when it comes to improve your credit score. You should make sure all of your accounts are up to date and current. If you had late payments in the past you should take proper course of action to fix it ASAP. Late payments remain on the credit report for seven years but the longer ago they occurred, the less they are going to impact your credit scores. Make sure to bring all the accounts that are currently past due to current in order to rebuild your credit history. Your payment history is the most important factor for FICO scores and it account for up to 35% of your credit score.


FICO scores



  1. Do not close any cards. Most of us might think that clearing all your due bills and getting rid  of your credit cards will fix everything and will bring your credit score to a higher level. This is however not true and cancelling a credit card will cause your available credit to drop which will not look good on your credit report. Closing a credit card account can hurt your credit score even after you’ve paid your remaining credit card balance. Your credit score is based on several factors and closing a credit card account can have a significant impact and it might do more harm than you realize. However if you are unable to use your credit card sensibly then closing your card could be a responsible move however you should do it correctly. If you must close an account you should avoid closing your oldest ones. The longer an account has been open, the better it will improve your credit score. Closing an account early in your credit history can affect your credit score negatively and indicate risk. You should rather consider cancelling cards with higher interest rates or annual fees.


Closing a credit card account

  1. Focus on your Risk Factors. If you are planning to make a major purchase such as buying a home or getting a new car it is wise to check your credit reports at least 3-6 months in advance in order to start making any necessary changes. You should consider ordering your credit report and credit score in advance to determine all the risk factors involved and to fix them on time. Your credit report and score in hand will help you in deciding what you need to work on to improve your credit scores as quickly as possible. Your credit scores should come with a list of the factors that are affecting your scores. These are in fact the risk factors that are causing your score to go down and these will eventually help you understand the necessary changes you can make in order to have a better chance at improving your credit score. The higher your credit scores the lower the rates will be for your mortgage loan which in turn saves you hundreds and thousands of dollars on interests. Focusing on risk factors and fixing them on time will boost your credit score fast.

Risk Factors

  1. Keep your credit utilization low. In order to avoid damaging your credit score you should use 30% of your available credit limits. The lower is even better; however keeping it Zero may actually be a negative factor. Credit reports with small credit card balance have higher FICO score than those with zero balance. The bottom line is that creditors want to see if you use your credit card responsibly so lower is better for your credit score. Keeping your balances low is one of the most important factor in boosting your credit score. Your credit utilization rate refers to the balances you have on your credit card accounts. This can be calculated by dividing the total of all your balances by the total of all your credit limits. Your credit utilization rate is also known as your balance to limit ratio. You should keep the balances on credit cards as low as possible. You should aim at never having utilization rates of more than 30% on any one card or in total. In order to have the best scores you should try to keep your utilization rate below 10 Per cent.

credit utilization low


  1. Raise your credit limits. Having a higher credit limit can help you increase your credit Raise your credit limitsscore. You can use a credit limit increase in order to build credit. A credit limit increase will help you by improving your utilization rate. For example, if you have a $1,500 balance with a credit limit of $ 3,000 then your utilization ratio comes to be 50% which isn’t very impressive. However, if your card increases your limit to $6,000 you’ve brought your utilization rate down to 25% without paying down the balance at all which is much respectable than the former scenario. So call your credit card companies and request a raise to your credit limits and following the above mentioned strategy improve your chances of boosting your credit score fast.



Following the steps mentioned in this article will certainly improve your chances of a better credit score and hence will further help you with your financial goals. A higher credit score means lower mortgage interest rates, better credit card offers, better insurance rates and a happy future.



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world’s most expensive gadgets


Headphone: world’s most expensive gadgets

Expensive Headphones

Headphone is a hardware device which outputs audio same as like speakers. They come in all shapes and sizes. They are a pair of small electronic listening device.

The very first earphones were the heavy, high-performance type of the Hi-Fi stereo age. Next came the light-weight, sponge-covered earphones of the headphones.

Both kinds of earphones still exist today, although the most expensive gaming headset are now, fortunately, much lighter, and they have been signed up with by earbuds as well as a brand-new generation of cordless earphones. You will, however, compromise sound quality for mobility. However, your disposition discovers convenience and efficiency in a large range of Listed Documents.This Headphones are also known as the headset or earphones generally originated from the earpiece. Some headset are as follows below:

Focal utopia

  1. Focal utopia It is a creation by Tournaire and is the most expensive headphone in the world priced as $1,20,000. The headphones are jewelled with 18-carat gold with 6-carat diamonds. In recent times this product is being modeled on a new design and the main aim of the company was to go on and design a full range loud speaker which will perform with the lowest dissertation. Because of this precise reason, instead of titanium, beryllium was chosen.
  2. Onkyo H900M– Alike focal utopia, onkyo H900M also is a luxurious headphone. The ear-cups of the headphone is designed with 20-carat diamonds. Diamonds and rubies are embedded onto aluminium plates surrounded by a ring which is made up of highly polished stainless steel.
  3. V –Moda crossfade M-100 It is the most decorated shields in the headphone world prices as $40,000.The shield is 3D printed and also studded with silver sterling, solid gold or platinum and bronze many times. These are comparatively less expensive than the other two discussed.
  4. Sennheiser Orpheus– This is made up of Carrara marble which looks amazing. It is also sculptured with aluminium, leather and fine microfiber cloth. Without second thoughts to the fact they are one of the best forms of headphones which have been created . In some ways it might be one of the coolest form of technologies which might have graced the world till now.
  5. oBravo EAMT-1s This headphone have hybrid dynamic AMT driver which is a coaxial design combines two types of driver into a single unit. The ranges it can perform are 15Hz in low and 45 Hz in high. The body of headphone is hand-crafted with precision-ceramic that looks great.
  6. Final Audio Design Sonorous X– This headphone is a premium one and is a combination of machined aluminium and stainless steel which give it a business look.
  7. Audeze LCD-4Audeze LCD-4 It is so designed that makes it more lighter than the other as it is made up of thin nano-grade diaphragm. It goes on to represent 40 years of advancement in planar magnetic technology and the research ever since the year 2009 has ascertained this fact. Its price is one of the most competitive ones in the market and you are bound to get a true value of sorts.
  8. Stax SR-009 This headphone aims upon performance to justify the high price.
  9. HiFiMan HE1000 V2 This headphone is designed with advanced asymmetrical magnetic circuit, polyester earcups, a three core cable.
  10. Shure KSE1500 This is the finest headphone as it incorporates electrostatic drivers mechanism which provides accurate sound.
  11. Grado PS1000e– This is designed with tone-wood clad with metal alloy which reduce ringing and distortion.
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Accommodation in Cebu City: The Cheap Hotels Details


The Cheap Hotels Details

Accommodation in Cebu

Cebu is a major tourist spot in the Philippines. It is a nice escape for the visitors from the hectic life of city life. Visiting somewhere is always the best idea but to be safe and out of danger is the first thing to keep in mind. Any type of scams and problems should be avoided as much as the traveller can. Cheap lodges, rooms, inns, guesthouses, luxury hotels and resorts are available in Cebu accommodation of visitors. Cheap hotels are always the best choice for family and friends as they can stay with great value for money. The below stated list of hotels are cheapest accommodation in Cebu.

Sugbutel hotel

  1. Sugbutel hotel– This hotel is located in the city but not liked by the visitors at all. As the quality of living they provide is very cheap. Beds provided are of as train’s bed quality. But they maintain cleanliness. Other amenities like wifi access, vending machines and LCD tv in common area are available. Rate they offer for per night is Php 250.
  2. Treats guest house– This guest house is located in a prime position of the city which is near supermarket and restaurants. Now coming to the accommodation they are giving, the beds are too small to accommodate. There is no big common area is available. The guest house comprises with only the rooms and the rooftop. Wifi they are providing is really bad. Rate of per night is Php300 approximately.
  3. Le village– The hotel is cheap but fantastic as the accommodation they are providing are great in cheap rate. They charges Php500 only per night. It is located in good location of the city. The rooms are very clean and beds are cosy to sleep.
  4. Pacific tourist INN– The accommodation here is very cheap and simple. They charge 535Php per night. They provide single beds, cable TV, with normal bathroom features. But the location it is situated is very good. Eateries, wholesale stores, malls are all available just outside the hotel.
  5. Quest Cebu– the staff is great, the location is good and the rooms are priced well. The pool comes with a nice bar and a service. The buffet is good and the level of services are good. It is located very near to the mall. If you are planning to visit this place do pay a visit on Saturday as the dinner promises to be incredible. You will be back again for sure.
  6. Henry Hotel Cebu– Once you enter this hotel you can figure out the fact that your stay is going to be special. The rooms are all great in terms of design and each one of them is being designed in a unique manner. For the guests a different experience is provided than the normal self.

Many other accommodations are available in Cebu as Southpole Central Hotel, Travelbee guest house, Villa de Mercedes, Cebu century hotel, Jasmine pension house, GV tower hotel.

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Flipkart Offers – Know When Is Shopping Offer Available?

Coupon websites

How To Know When Is Shopping Offer Available?

We all know that shopping is mostly related to discounts. If you are careful and follow the prices, saving money is easier than ever. But, not all offers are available at all times. Then, we have the fact millions of people are online shoppers, so all great offers are claimed in a matter of minutes. Luckily, there are three ways to get a tender incredibly simple and efficiently at any given moment.

First method: Use Google

Obviously, nowadays, everything is done via Google, so offers and discounts aren’t any different. Simple browsing the internet will provide you decent offers, regardless of the time of a year.

To make this method work, because most shoppers use it, you will have to check the offers a few times per day. Keep in mind that the best ones are claimed instantly. A nice trick is to search for them at midnight because most of them are added precisely at that time.

Use Google

Second method: Use social media

Nowadays, social media is far more than just fun-oriented matter. They are commonly used by sellers from all parts of the world and by those who know where to look. With a bit of luck, you will become one of those people.

Almost all e-commerce website use social media to attract followers. As you may believe, the best way to get them is to offer exclusive discounts. All you will have to do is to create an account, follow that website and claim the offer as soon as it is launched. Using this method you can get impressive offers most of the time. Also, there is less spam offers with this alternative.

Use social media

Third method: Coupon websites

If you are looking for a more professional way, coupon sites are the best deal. They operate close to the e-commerce sites, so the best deals are always available here. To realize how useful these sites are, you should know that plenty of professional editors are browsing these sites to provide the best deals for their clients!

Here we have another, exciting addition. Flipkart coupons are among some of the most popular on coupon-based sites. They are so impressive in fact that if you are careful, you can get one which will provide you 90% discount. Even better, Flipkart offers are available most of the time, and there is a variety of them, related to any shopping category out there.

Coupon websites

All you need is time

The best way to get the coupons is to use all three methods at the same time. It is a common thing that at least one method will be the first to reveal the offers and because you use it at the moment, you will claim that provide.

Flipkart coupons are among the most popular at the moment and the most beneficial, but they are not the only ones. There are millions of them out there, and it is up to you to get the one you will use the best.

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Logitech Wireless Headphones Review


Logitech Wireless Headphones

We’ve been hooked to wire for more than 100 years.  Although electricity can finally be transmitted from the power source to the appliance without wires, sound travels through the airwaves naturally.  Headphones were invented to contain the appointed sound and isolate extraneous noise.  The best headphones still use the equivalent of an umbilical cord to carry sound from the source.  However, technology on both the producing and receiving end has increased the demand for wireless headphones.

Logitech Wireless Headphones

Wireless headphones have finally come into their own.  Using more sophisticated technology to supply the sound clearly and static free, the newest headphones produce a sound almost indistinguishable from a wired set.

With advanced electronics, the latest headsets vary in style and size as much as any designer created women’s shoes.  Personal taste comes into play when the time comes to upgrade your old headphones for wireless headphones.  From the smallest earplug headphones to the larger studio sets, wireless headphones now use similar methods to capture the sound emanating from the CD or DVD or even the radio, where the distortion can be not on par with other media.

When you are searching for different types of wireless headphones, be sure to check out the smaller ones first.  There is more than an ample supply of information for you to become informed.  Unless, of course, that you are already an expert audiologist and understand the finer points of sound and how it enters the ears.

The variety of wireless headphones ranges from small in-ear headphones to noise reduction headphones or noise cancel headphones.  Which one to choose depends on some factors including comfort, price, flexibility, ease of use, durability and course quality of sound.

Logitech G933

What To Look For

There are a few things that you need to look for when buying headphones. Everyone looks at this differently, but I’ve listened to so many different types of music through what seems like an infinite number of headphones, both wired and otherwise, that I’ve learned one simple thing.


And that is most important aspect – comfort.  If the headphones are annoying because they are too tight, or too dark, or too cumbersome, then don’t waste your time looking at them.  Simply put, “if the shoe fits, wear it.”  The saying goes for headphones too, but with a slight twist.  If they don’t fit, don’t wear it – and chances are you won’t.  So try to find something that fits your head rather than trying to adjust to the headphones.


Sound Quality

This depends upon use.  But if you’re using wireless headphones only for occasionally listening to music then you may want to opt for a wired set – they to transfer the sound to the ear almost directly.  However, if you work in an environment that requires constant talking on the phone, then getting a high-quality sound is worth the extra money.  After all, you don’t want to misinterpret a client’s order – right.


I know it shouldn’t be, but a price must be a consideration.  Here is what happens though most people aren’t aware.  Each time a company produces a new version or an upgrade to an older style doesn’t mean that the former is useless.  Some excellent wireless headphones are 4 or 5 years old.  The prices have dropped considerably for inventory clearance headphones.  Using the online stores like Amazon will get you great deals on older models as well as the most current.  So don’t be afraid to spend money on something that has high quality and is comfortable.  Always take the high road, you’ll be better off in the long run.

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Sennheiser PXC 250 Active Noise Canceling Headphones


Sennheiser PXC 250 Active Noise Canceling Headphones

Sennheiser has had an enviable reputation amongst his buffs for many years now. I still use CX series – specifically cx500 in-ear phones with my Sony Walkman.

These PXC 250 active noise canceling headphones represent a substantial value for money. They are rated to cut out up to 25db of ambient noise, and they fold up for convenient storage, so they are ideal for use with portable devices like mp3 players when you are out and about.

They have padded, closed earcups for people who prefer this type of design over open earcup or in-ear earphones.

They come equipped with a 6-foot Kevlar-reinforced cord so should be suitable for most uses without an extension lead and are robust enough to take a reasonable amount of punishment without breaking.

Sennheiser PXC250-II Noise Cancelling Headphones

Their frequency response is 10hz to 21khz so even if you have ears that are good enough to operate at the extremes of the human hearing range; there shouldn’t be anything in a decent quality music signal that they cannot reproduce and you cannot hear.

Even though mp3 is a compressed musical medium meaning that some of the frequencies are squeezed out, any decent quality mp3 portable device will be very much improved by high-quality headphones such as these. Moreover, of course, noise-canceling improves this further by keeping ambient noise to a minimum so that you get the maximum enjoyment from your music.

Sennheiser’s NoiseGard active noise reduction works by dropping steady-state low-frequency noise from about 500hz and below by 15db – which to the human ear is equivalent to just about halving the noise. This, in turn, leads to improved musical clarity.

Sennheiser PXC 250-II Active Noise-cancelling Travel Headphones

Now, given that this is an active noise reduction design, you will need batteries for it to operate – in this case, 2 AAA batteries – remember to buy these as an extra because they are not included. However, as a bonus which is not always the case with active noise-canceling headphones – you can operate them without the circuit engaged.

If you are a real bass buff, you shall be pleased to hear that they have a ported design to allow them to move a greater volume of air to give you a better bass response.

There are a 0.25-inch stereo adapter plug, an airline adapter and belt pouch included in the box also.

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Sony MDR-NC60 noise canceling headphones


Sony is well-known for producing quality products and the Sony MDR-NC60 noise canceling headphones are, by and large, no exception to that basic rule.

Sony MDR-NC60 noise canceling headphones

They’ll give you up to 85% noise reduction (16.5db at 200hz), which is pretty much par for the course in this type of headphone. If you want a few percent more noise reduction, you’ll typically have to pay considerably more than the price that these go for.

Make a wise choice and click this link now to buy this Sony MDR-NC60 noise canceling headphones.

Another feature of this particular piece of kit that makes it very practical is the built-in monitor switch that mutes the music you’re listening to allow you to take part in an outside conversation.

Make a wise choice and click this link now to buy this Sony MDR-NC60 noise canceling headphones.

There’s a good quality case, which is the exception rather than the norm. This one provides a little more protection than the pretty flimsy soft cases that you’ll find even in products with a much higher price ticket than that found on these babies.

They only weigh 230g, so they are very portable indeed. Couple this with the foldable, adjustable headband and you have a piece of kit that’s going to be easy for you to carry around with you.

Sony MDR-NC60

The ear cups are designed to surround the ears completely, and they use binaural technology.

They are designed to be comfortable enough to be worn for long stretches without any pain or fatigue setting in.

Make a wise choice and click this link now to buy this Sony MDR-NC60 noise canceling headphones from Amazon.

The driver in each earpiece is a dome type 40mm size, so it is significant enough to shift a good volume of air to give a decent bass response. The frequency response quoted is 14 – 22000 Hz – greater than a perfect human ear is capable of perceiving, so you aren’t going to miss anything there.

And, in common with just about all Sony devices, this one is very energy-efficient just needing 1 AAA battery, which, assuming you use an alkaline one, should power them for approximately 30 hours. Given that most other headphones of this type need two such batteries, these headphones are only going to cost half as much to run, which should be taken into consideration when pricing your purchase.

I have to admit that I love the sound quality of just about all the Sony earphones and headphones I’ve tried. I don’t think these can be beaten for the price. And I knows that a lot of people prefer the sound of these to even some much more expensive models from other manufacturers. These are a wise choice if you’re looking for excellent noise canceling, brilliant sound quality and reasonable price.


Make a smart choice and click this link now to buy this Sony MDR-NC60 noise canceling headphones.

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high-quality pair of Headphones from the Dutch company


Excellent value, high-quality pair of Headphones from the Dutch company, Philips.

Given that we seem to live in times where bass response rules, you’ll no doubt be pleased to hear that there’s a neodymium magnet in these babies that produces a strong magnetic field that ensures a strong bass response but keeps the sound quality high.

Get these great Philips SHN9500 Noise canceling headphones from Amazon by clicking this link NOW!

Should fit all sizes of ears and has Super soft rubber caps for optimum comfort.

Check out this review of Philips noise canceling headphones: 

Philips noise canceling headphones

Get these great Philips SHN9500 Noise canceling headphones from Amazon

If you’re prone to getting your cables all tangled up, you’ll be pleased to hear that there’s an asymmetric cabling system in use here on the 1.2-metre cable to try to keep it on the straight and narrow. There’s also a flex grip design that ensures the cable has the long life even with repeated bending.

The plug on the end of the cable is 24k gold-plated for optimum conductivity for better sound quality.

All in all, it’s easy to see that these headphones have been designed and not just thrown together from miscellaneous parts that happened to be lying around the factory. There is some nice and practical design touches to be seen here.

Philips Active Noise Canceling headphones

The active noise reduction on offer can reduce background noise by as much as 85%. There’s also a convenient mute button which means that you can conduct a conversation without having to take them off.

Get these great Philips SHN9500 Noise canceling headphones from Amazon

The headband is adjustable for size and fits as well as comfort. The connection cord is also detachable, so it will come free if it gets snagged up rather than attempt to pull your head off!

As part of the deal, you get an adaptor for in-flight entertainment systems connection. You also get a 3.5 – 6.5 adaptor which is good for just about all types of audio devices. And, unusually, you get a battery provided, so there’s no waiting, you can use the product right out of the box.

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Wireless Gaming Headsets


To get the ultimate enjoyment from your gaming experience, sooner or later you’re going to need a wireless gaming headset.

Wireless Gaming Headsets

Why wireless you ask? Well, the major benefit, of course, is that you don’t need to worry about getting tangled up in cords. And if you’re using a gaming console such as an Xbox or PS3 combined with a big-screen TV, you’ll usually want to sit some distance from the screen, which is where wireless headsets come in very handy.

Both wired and wireless gaming headsets can be connected to your console, PC or Mac typically via one of two ways – either through a USB port or the headphone/and or microphone dedicated port. And preferably, you’ll want a set of gaming headphones that come with a mic so that you can communicate with your teammates in online games (or taunt your opposition).

On the flip-side, the quality of many wireless gaming headsets has been average, to say the least. The sound quality just hasn’t seemed to measure up to the wired counterparts. Significant improvements have been made in recent times though.

One of these improved sets is the Logitech G930 Wireless Gaming Headset. This set can be used wired or wireless, offers simulated Dolby 7.1 surround sound and also a noise canceling microphone. From all accounts, there is no noticeable difference in sound quality when switching between wired and wireless mode. However, the headset is rather on the heavy side, so could become uncomfortable after wearing them for an hour or so.

Logitech G930

The volume can be adjusted via a good-sized rolling button on the exterior of one the cans. There are also three user-programmable buttons that allow you to add extra functionality.

Thanks to dual receivers in the headset, the likelihood of losing the sound connection are substantially reduced.

Logitech says the range of the G930 is up to 12 meters, or approximately 40 feet, which is more than adequate for gaming use. The battery life is around ten hours from full charge, and to get that full cost you’ll need to plug the cans in for about two and a half hours. With this range and battery life, you’ll be able to use this wireless gaming headset for other purposes as well, i.e. watching TV or listening to music.

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